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about 1 year ago

[Important Notice]: Schedule Your Rehearsal Presentation Now


Thank you for joining Global Chia Hackathon.
Finalists will be required to present their final projects to a panel of judges during a scheduled Zoom session from September 23 at 8:00am PDT to September 26 at 6:00pm PDT.

In order to ensure that final presentations in front of judges go smoothly, Sirius Labs will organize rehearsal presentations. 
Please Note: Rehearsal presentations won't influence your project being selected as a Finalist. These are purely for practice.

  • If your team has not yet prepared a final slide deck, a basic slide deck will be fine for the rehearsal presentations. Each project will have 5-10 mins to give a brief introduction about the project and the team. Please ensure that you have finalized your slide deck for the final presentations in front of the panel of judges. 
  • The rehearsal presentations will take place from September 16 at 18:00pm PDT to September 18 at 06:00am PDT.
  • Sirius Labs will send you a link to select a time period for rehearsal via Direct Messages on Devpost. Please keep an eye on your Message Box on Devpost!

Another point of note: For faster responses, all finalists will need to add our official Telegram account: @SiriusLabs

Thanks for support

Sirius Labs