We provide the following Chia Resources for your reference:

If you need help, speak to a moderator via Discord who will find an appropriately skilled/knowledgeable person to assist you. Zoom will be used if a video call is requested. Sirius Labs staff will be available primarily to give advice on the Global Chia Hackathon.

Questions regarding third-party tools, libraries, and APIs will be better directed towards other participants of this group or even in communications channels with other competitors.

Sirius Labs staff will be able to provide high-level advice, but cannot give specific advice about your project, design, or implementation. This is to ensure no one is given an unfair advantage.

Each team or individual entrant will be invited into a group Discord chat via email.

Please note: If you are part of a team, you may also communicate with your team members directly through any medium of your choice.

Important:Please ensure you and all your team members have an active Discord for communication with moderators at all times.